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Financial Decisions
People often make financial decisions based on a specific goal or situation without looking at their total financial picture. When this happens the results can be less desirable because products and strategies are not coordinated and integrated together. It’s like the music from the orchestra being out of tune. The orchestra is playing but the players and instruments aren’t in sync.
Your financial products and strategies should work together toward the goal of your life- whether it is the Season to build or to distribute or to transfer your wealth. Through each of the 3 Financial Seasons- Wealth Building, Wealth Distributing, or Wealth Transferring, we’re here as your partner and trusted advisor to put all the pieces together to ensure your overall financial strategy is organized, coordinated, integrated, and managed.
Financial Seasons
We think of a person’s life in terms of three “Seasons” where the purposes of money are different according to the “Season” the person is in. The three Seasons are Wealth Building, Wealth Distribution, and Wealth Transfer. Our approach is to use strategies and own products to maximize the amount of assets and income you have and to minimize the costs.
Family Wealth LLC has the analytical tools to evaluate your products and strategies for all three Seasons. These products and strategies have measurable results and costs and should be carefully analyzed on a regular basis. Regardless of which financial season you may be in, we have the right solutions. The goal is to maximize the amount of wealth and the protection of wealth in each season as much as possible.
Financial Seasons
Financial Seasons
Dave is like the maestro of the orchestra…I would recommend him to coordinate and integrate everything. He has a wealth of knowledge.
Karen D.

Organized. Coordinated. Integrated. Managed.

As your Family Wealth advisor, we put all the pieces together to ensure your financial seasons are proactively managed.

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