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Maestro of the Orchestra

As I got closer to my retirement, I started working with Dave to get everything pulled together and find out what I needed to do to get the most income possible and protect what I have worked so long and hard to accumulate. He has helped with my State Pension, 457 Plan and Retiree health insurance. He also advised me about my Social Security benefits that allows me to receive more because of a technique to claim benefits that no one had ever told me about. He is like the maestro of the financial orchestra!
Karen D.
Retired School Teacher

Exceptional Expertise

Dave has exceptional expertise in employee benefits and personal wealth planning and is a credible financial advisor. It is rare to find someone with this combination of expert knowledge. I was pleasantly surprised with his suggestions that were simple, yet brilliant. He showed me how to maximize my savings and shelter my corporate profits through a Deferred Compensation technique he recommended which saved me significantly in Federal and state income taxes. I highly recommend his services without any reservation.
Mark W.
Business Owner

The Info We Needed

We were planning to retire early and after talking to Dave, he indicated that given the right circumstances and rearranging our personal and business finances, we could do it. By changing our investments, savings and business finances, we will now be able to travel and live a decent life in our retirement. Dave worked with us by giving us the information we needed and did the implementing for our financial future.
Bill A.
Business Owner

No Additional Cost. Better Protection.

What is truly amazing is that with Dave’s guidance, at no additional cost and with no additional risk, we now have better protection of our wealth today and in the future. His knowledge and expertise in the consequence of taxes and how they can negatively impact and reduce retirement was eye-opening. Dave worked long and hard for us!
Angie T.
Business Owner

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