“Recognize the skills and traits you don’t possess, and hire people who have them."
Howard Schultz, Chairman, Starbucks

Our Approach

Our approach is to support and partner with you to implement the strategies and products you choose and to measure the results accurately. We help you organize and manage the information you get and we carefully analyze each product and strategy in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. We make sure all your expectations are being met about the people you have hired and the results you want.
Our services are two-fold. We can be hired to design and implement a comprehensive plan or hired to work on a single project. Our preference is to design a comprehensive plan, but it’s up to you how and to what extent you want us to do our work. An estate plan or a retirement plan will include both strategies and products. We explain planning tools and how they work as well as how products work.

Plan Design and Implementation

We will provide a comprehensive “holistic” planning service that looks at and evaluates all the components of your personal wealth. This includes any risk management products, investment products, debt structure, taxes, and cash flow. We evaluate how effective each of the components is or isn’t and how cost efficient they are. We offer recommendations to solve any problems and will implement them.

Product and Vendor Selection

This service is about deciding which products best fit the planning techniques which make sense to you. The planning technique comes first and the product selection follows. After the preferred product is chosen, then we find and evaluate which vendor had the best product and financial strength to back it up.
We are paid a fee for either service. We can also act as your Broker for the products you want and will be paid by the vendor your product is placed with.

Our Services

With Dave’s guidance, at no additional cost and with no additional risk, we now have better protection of our wealth today and in the future.
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